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death Register Haguenau ( Bas-Rhin,Alsace,France)

BREM Barbe, fille de Léopold et SPRINGENSFELD Barbe, décédée le 29/05/1859

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Suzan Drescher Adam History

Answer by Mr. Dishon archivist for the La Guardia and Wagner Archives , (part of the La Guardia Community College), which contains the Steinway Collection. Steinway & Sons piano company , we are greateful to him for all this info.


E-mail from Archivist Steinway firm ,13 March, 2002 ,concerning Christian Adams who was Worker there in 1881.

See L013 of link page to get more info of Steinway & Sons piano company , and pictures of Steinway's workers this time .

Especially pictures 04.002.1216, 04.002.1774, 04.002.0036, 04.002.0037

The Steinway company figures prominently in American immigration, business, cultural, urban, and labor history. The Steinways first made pianos in Germany. Migrating to America, the family founded a piano company in New York City in 1853. The Steinway piano won an international reputation for technical innovations and musical quality. In the 1870s, Steinway & Sons built a factory in Queens and constructed street railways and housing, leading to the county's growth and development.

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Minitel Index of the CGA, Systematic records by the CGA volunteers (CGA : Cercle Généalogique d'Alsace)

BREHM ( 6 acts Birth & Marriage)

Ottilia BREHM maried 30/06/1601 , GEUDERTHEIM ( 67 -BAS-RHIN, Alsace )- Peter NN ( ??)

Maria Barbara BREHM born 15/12/1725, SOULTZ-LA-FORÊT ( 67 , BAS-RHIN, ALsace), mother : Maria Barbara

Johann Balthazar BREHM born 15/01/1728, SOULTZ-LA-FORET , mother :Maria-Barbara

Maria Dorothea BREHM born 01/05/1730 , SOULTZ -LA-FORÊT, mother : Maria-Barbara

Maria Margaretha BREHM born 06/01/1732, SOULTZ-LA-FORÊT, mother : Maria-Barbara

Magdalena BREHM, married 21/11/1769 , MOLLKIRCH (67063 - BAS-RHIN, ALSACE ) ( father : Casparus , Mother :Barbara DENIERin), Josephus WOLFF ( father Antonius , mother : Catharina HIGLERin)

BREM - BREMM ( 5 acts birth & Marriage )

Casparus BREM ( father : V BREM, mother Barbara DENIER) maried 30/04/1765 in MOLKIRCH, Regina KREBSIN

Louis BREM (father Stephan ; mother : Marguerite SCHUTZ ) married 27/05/1791 in SAVERNE ( 67045 - BAS-RHIN- Alsace ) Catherine ROST ( father Antoine ROST,mther : Catherine REINER.

BREMin Odilia ( father : Casparus, mother Barbara DENGERin ) married , 05/03/1767 in MOLKIRCH , Sebastianus GIROLD ( father Josephus, mother : Anna Maria GREBSin )

Anne Marie BREMM ( father Andre , mother : agathe ) married in OHNENHEIM ( 67088 - BAS-RHIN, Alsace)

Jacobus BREMM (father Johannes Jacobus, mother : Margaretha CHERROUTIN) married ,01/10/1764 in ALTENSTADT ( 67 BAS-RHIN- Alsace), Catharina KETTERER ( father : Josephus , mother : Barbara LIEBERIN


François Joseph DRESCHER :born 29/10/1811 in GAMBSHEIM ( 67- BAS-RHIN- Alsace ) son of Ignace DRESCHER and Françoise ADELOFF .


R008 14/12/2001 These research were made by Jean-Pierre with kind Help and advise of Mr Weck member of the CGA Help Desk.

A. Gilardi &

G. Gander


http://www.chez.com/gander/patronymeshegeney.htm , surname list of the village of Hageney in XIX th century, scanned form the cityhouse Book "Hegeney, le village au fil des temps", juillet 1990




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HOER, Christian Konrad Sexe: Masculin Naissance (born) : 21 février 1878 à Mackwiller,67430,,Bas Rhin,France

Décès (died) : 15 mai 1966 à Sarreguemines,57200,à son domicile (79 rue de France),Moselle,France Occupation : ouvrier municipal . Parents: father / père : HOER, Christian Conrad , mother/ Mère: BREHM, Catherine

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Picture and describe of the Ship 'Belgenland' in 'Palmer List of Merchnt Vessels' 'http://www.geocities.com/mppraetorius/

In this ship Karl and Margaretha Drescher (with their 5 daughters migrated) to USA in 1883. Describe of the ship under :



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Lou Alfano alfano@erols.com

Ship of immigration :http://www.fortunecity.com/littleitaly/amalfi/13/shipb.htm, in this ship Carl and Margaretha Brem and Children arrived in NY in 1883


BELGENLAND The "Belgenland". Built by Barrow Shipbuilding Company at Barrow-in-Furness in 1878, she was an iron built vessel of 3692 gross tons and was launched on 24.12.1878. Her dimensions were length 402.9ft x beam 40.2ft, straight stem, one funnel, four masts, single screw and a speed of 14 knots. Accommodation was provided for 150-1st and 1,000-3rd class passengers. She also commenced her career under the Belgian flag and sailed on her first voyage from Antwerp to Philadelphia on 30/3/1879. After this first trip, she was transferred to the Antwerp - New York service until 1895 when she went to the American Line and commenced sailing on 31/7/1895 on the Philadelphia - Liverpool service and her accommodation altered to 150-2nd class and 1,000-3rd class passengers. She stayed on this run until changing back to Red Star Line's Antwerp - Philadelphia run in November 1903, being used for 3rd class passengers only. She made her last voyege on this service on 7/12/1904 and was sold in 1905 to an Italian company and renamed "Venere". She was finally scrapped in 1906. [Posted to the Emigration-Ships Mailing List by Ted Finch - 16 August 1997]



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L002   Learned Branch , family of Hazel Learned

Download GEDCOM 8 Robert LARNED B: Abt 1540 4 John LARNED B: 1555 , Surrey, EnglandM: 1579 Of Bermondsey, Surrey, England 9 Family 2 William LEARNED B: 1 Jan 1590 Of, Bermondsey, Surrey, EnglandD: 5 Apr 1646 , Bermondsey, Surrey, EnglandM: 22 Apr 1606 Stblave, Southwork, Surrey, EngFamily 10 5 Mrs. LEARNED B: 1558 , Surrey, England 1 Isaac LEARNED B: 25 Feb 1624 Bermondsey, Surry, London, EnglandD: 24 Nov 1657 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass.M: 9 Jul 1646 Woburn, Mdlsx, Ma 11 Family Family Mary STEARNS STERNS B: 26 Jan 1626 Watertown, Middlesex, Mass, EngD: 21 Dec 1663 Chelmsford, Middlesex, Mass. 12 6 Mr. GILLMAN B: Abt 1570 Of Bermondsey, Surrey, EnglandM: Abt 1593 Of Bermondsey, Surrey, England 13 Family 3 Family Judith (Goodith) GILLMAN B: 1594 , Bremondsey, Surrey, EnglandD: 24 Jun 1661 , Malden, Essex, Massachusetts Family 14 7 Mrs. GILLMAN B: Abt 1574 Of Bermondsey, Surrey, England 15 Family © 1999-2001 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. English approval: 3/1999 Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use (last updated: 3/22/1999). Privacy Policy (last updated: 10/12/2001). 11 http://www.familysearch.org v.2.2.0

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Jean-Francois Lorentz emiliecam@infonie.fr About Catherine Brem, Haguenau 1851, spouse of Philippe Lorentz, mother of François born in 1851 in Haguenau
LORENTZ François, Premier enfant de LORENTZ Philippe et BREM Catherine. Né en 1851 à Haguenau (67), Bas Rhin. Décédé le 22/02/1894 à Nancy (54), Meurthe et Moselle à l'âge de 43 ans. Témoins : 1. Témoin : CHERRIER Victor Né vers 1851 à Nancy (54), Garçon de bureau; 2. Témoin : GEORGES Joseph Né vers 1819 à Nancy (54), Retraité; ; ; Naissance : ../../1851 Haguenau (67), Bas Rhin. Décès : 22/02/1894 Nancy (54), Meurthe et Moselle. Témoins : 1. Témoin : CHERRIER Victor Né vers 1851 à Nancy (54), Garçon de bureau; 2. Témoin : GEORGES Joseph Né vers 1819 à Nancy (54), Retraité; , Professions : journalier, Baptême : , Adresse : Venant de Laneuveville dvt Nancy, Métier : Journalier.
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About Brem Family in Germany : http://home.bendcable.com/findingfamily/d21.htm

Anna BREM(2) was born on 2 Feb 1723 in Loepsingen, Schwaben, Bavaria. She died on 8 Mar 1803. She was christened. Parents: Johann Kaspar BREM and Katherine HASENMEIER.

Barbara BREM(2) was born on 7 Apr 1640 in Alten Au, Baden, Germany. * in der Alten Au. Parents: Hans Jacob BREM and Ursula TRUNKENBOLD. She was married to Diebold MARX on 28 Jun 1658 in Altenheim, Baden, Germany. Children were: Jacob MARX.

Barbara BREM(2) was born on 7 Apr 1640 in Alten Au, Baden, Germany. * in der Alten Au. Parents: Hans Jacob BREM and Ursula TRUNKENBOLD. She was married to Diebold MARX on 28 Jun 1658 in Altenheim, Baden, Germany. Children were: Jacob MARX.



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