March 13. 2002, Tob Dishon, Archivist of Steinway & Son piano company


Dear Ms. Drescher,


Christian Adams is listed in two of the old ledger books. These as I mentioned in an earlier email are not photocopied due to their age and condition.

The information i found is as follows:

Christian Adams, 924 3rd Ave, Casemaker, hired July 22nd, 1881, Went to Astoria (factory).

C. Adams, 107 Steinway Avenue, Casemaker Foreman, from NY factory, Aug, 1881, died.

Christian appers to have started working for Steinway in the summer of 1881 in the Manhattan factory at 53rd Street and Park avenue. He was shortly thereafter (August) transfered to the Astoria or Rikers factory. At this time he lived in Manhattan near to the NY factory.

The second listing shows that he has now become a foreman in the caseshop and that he has also moved from Manhattan to Steinway Village (now Astoria in Queens) near to the Rikers factory. Unfortunately in this case the date of his death was not recorded in the ledger book but it appears to have taken place in the 1890's, certainly before the index card system of tracking employees was instituted.

As to money. I dont think that i can legally accept any money from a patron as it would be considered something like "double dipping". As i only photocopied one page and we charge 10 cents for that i hardly think it worth while to send a dime through the mail.

Just enjoy the information and have fun continuing to track down those old dead relatives.


Rob Dishon