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I caught the genealogy "bug" about 20years ago. Since then, I've definitely become addicted. I have so many interesting and funny experiences both pre and post internet. Also have met SO many wonderful people, both physically and virtually, including Jean-Pierre Daeschler who has spent many hours composing this homepage for me. I hope to be able to connect with other family members and share info, especially my elusive DRESCHERS!!

I am a member of: National Genealogical Society (N.G.S) , Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R) , Dorchester Historical Society(D.C.H.S) .

From right to left:   Gissi (Gisela), Puppschen, Kleine

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     Last version of my Gedcom Database :  , 01/03/2004


RIP, my "Flyboy" uncle

Lt Col. Frank L. Bohn, Retired USAF (1920-2010)

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